Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Four Questions Not To Use In Lead Generation Work


When it comes to generating sales leads, you will agree that telemarketing is one of those mediums that can do a good job at it. Still, even if we are using a tried and trusted marketing medium, there will be something that will cause it to fail. This is so true if we are currently focused on generating B2B leads. We just cannot afford to make a mistake. The problem is, we might be making mistakes so obvious – we just do not realize that this is wrong already. This can affect our B2B lead generation campaign. Now what are these mistakes we should be avoiding? 

“Would you agree…?” – you are trying to maneuver your customers into saying yes. This is the oldest trick used by unscrupulous marketers. And a stumbling block for appointment setting.   

“If I can save you (percentage), would you be interested…?” – your sole purpose of calling is to sell, not trying to solve their problems. Who likes that?   

“Do you have a budget for this…?” – you just wanted to see if you can sell to them or not. If you are using telemarketing, then take advantage of it to have prospects elaborate on their buying process.  

“Are you the decision maker…?” – you doubt the position of the person you are talking to. But since you need to know, simply ask who the stakeholders are. You can get better results. 

Remember these pointers, and you can be sure to make your lead generation campaign to be the best.